Thursday, January 23, 2014

Laser Cut Ornament

My hubby has an awesome laser cutter that does all sorts of creative things. This project came about when a tree fell in his mom's yard. The tree was planted by an LDS Singles Ward that Kevin's Dad was Bishop of when he passed away. His mom was very sad to lose the tree so we secretly snuck some branches out of the garbage and created some memory ornaments for everyone in the family

Kevin did some research and found out about drying wood in the microwave. We didn't have years to let it dry naturally. It seemed to work well and hopefully we won't have any problems with cracking as they continue to dry. We gave them out at Christmas and they were a big hit with the family. Especially his mom since she was hoping to save the tree but couldn't. We gave her a bigger version from the main trunk as well.

The front included a name and picture and the back told the story of the tree the ornament was made from. 

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