Thursday, June 4, 2009

Creative Online Resources

I found a couple of great sites that allow you to use words and names to create some crafty art.

The first one is called What a Lovely Name.

You can search for names and if the one you want isn't there suggest it. Type in the name and click suggest and it will make a logo for you. Once you have your name you can change colors, styles and fonts. Then download your logo and you are ready to go. Here are a few that I created.

The second fun website is called Wordle.

Type in a list of words, names, song lyrics etc. The more times the word is repeated the bigger the word will be. You can create your own or browse the gallery. You can change colors, fonts, and layouts. Here are some that I made. One is words that mean happy from the thesaurus and the other is the lyrics to "Grow Old With Me" by Peter Brienholt.


  1. You are so creative! I loved seeing all your creative baby shower ideas!